26 Years/Acts of Kindness

Well, on December 18, 2011, I will turn 26 years old. Yes, that’s right. I’m moving into a new bracket of age! No longer will I be in the lower 1 – 25 quarter of life. I’ll be in the 25 – 50!

Now this is something I’ve learned during years 1 through 25:

So I’ve made a decision: I want to bring in the next fabulously, wonderful quarter of my life with kindness.

I will complete 26 acts of random (by random I mean: deliberate and planned out) kindness.

Please leave me a comment with your ideas on kindness acts that I should do! For example, buying a gift card at the grocery store and then giving it to the person behind me.

I’m excited for the next quarter of my life, and I want to share the joy! Help me come up with some ideas! 

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6 responses to “26 Years/Acts of Kindness”

  1. Ariana says:

    Compliment someone every day… but keep it sincere! It’s pretty easy – if your cashier at Starbucks has cute earrings on, tell her. I’m told at work a lot that I am “so complimentary” but I just feel that if I like your shirt, I should tell you or if you look extra cute that day, you should know!

  2. Amy says:

    Go the extra mile. When assigned a task or job do more than your required share.

  3. Christian says:

    I personally loved when you bought a cup of coffee for the the person beind you at Starbucks. Again! Again! Lol

  4. Frank the Elder says:

    OK, you asked for it!! 🙂

    1 – Collect 26 old DVDs from your friends and relatives and donate them to the Veterans’ Hospital

    2 – Collect six complete sets of business clothes (3 male, 3 female) and get them cleaned, then donate them to a program for people trying to get back to work after jail

    3 – take a group of kids to see a live stage show

    4 – Find six friends who know how to play musical instruments and introduce them to six people who would like to learn how to play (extra points if they can learn to play a song together)

    5 – find a friend with a boat, get them to take you and some friends out on the James to collect trash – report what you find on your blog

    6 – use your social networking skills to collect bake goods from your friends and relatives, then hold a bake sale and donate the money to a charity you would not normally support

    7 – make arrangements to teach a group of elders how to blog, help them pass their wisdom on

    8 – find someone who can teach CPR and help them teach a group of people from an at-risk community

    9 – sit in on a class in philosophy at VCU or UoR and blog about what you learned

    10 – go to a service for a religion that you know little or nothing about and blog about what you learned

    How’s that for a start?!!?

    • Suzanne Mummert says:

      A side note to Frank’s message… teach CPR and First Aid. $20 per student covers my expense for each student with no profit to me. Max of 6 students.

  5. Sarah says:

    Next time you’re at an airport, buy a beer/coffee or pick up the tab for a soldier you see in uniform. I love doing this, especially around the holidays!

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