400 Feet in the Air

Here’s one thing you should know: I’m a fighter.

I fight for what’s right. I choose what corners to stand in, and there I stand.

I support my family and friends, co-workers, bosses, students, my students’ parents and my community. Everyone that makes up my circle of life: I support.

Did that sound like a pep talk to you? …that’s because that’s exactly what it is… because I may have to step off the edge off a 25-story building that’s 400 feet in the air! {All for a good cause}

I am honored to say that I’m currently raising money for The Special Olympics. I am doing so in honor of the Arts and all of the fantastic performers I have met along the way.

Photos from We Are Artists 2009.

But mostly I am doing so to create funds (which create opportunities)¬†for growth and development and sharing. That’s what I’m fighting for.

Now, yes, walking down the side of a building 400 feet in the air is absolutely terrifying to me at this moment in time… But I can do it. For a good cause!

My nightmares currently looking like this:

What if I can’t let go?

Oh my gosh. No.

Maybe this was a bad idea…

But no. I won’t allow myself to think like that. Everyone deserves opportunities and the chance to thrive. I will do this. I will overcome my fear, breathe and do this.

{The Catch}

I have to raise $1,500 in order to complete the rappel. This is where I need you to be a fighter and believer.

If you would like to donate {remember, any amount helps and is directly sent to the Special Olympics!} you can donate here: I BELIEVE!

Send the link to your friends: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/sheenajeffers/dancerappeller

I cannot thank you enough for your belief in the Special Olympics and in me.



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