Creating Home

At some point in our lives, we’ve lost the feeling of “home.” Perhaps that was when we left for college, or moved out the first time. Regardless of when, or what age you may have been, there is a gap between having the home that was created for you, and creating your own home.

I am in that gap, and it’s been an interesting journey.

It’s included emotions, trial-and-error, fears, confidence, then vulnerability. It’s included confusion, questions, analysis, frustrations, freedom and untouched territory. It’s very odd, and there have been days when I feel like Lewis and Clark: lost, overwhelmed, but completely fascinated by this new land [except I don’t have an awesome guide with an awesome name who speaks the language and tells me what not to touch].

But that’s OK, because I believe there just some things you have to go through alone.

So I’ve been…

1. Focused on yoga; practicing ahimsa [non-violence, compassion to onself].

2. Reading. I like learning new things and discovering how certain topics effect me. Reading broadens knowledge and helps us realize our opinions on matters.

3. Allowing silence. I’m such an on-the-go type of person, I dreaded silence and inactivity. Lately, I’ve been welcoming it.

4. Living colorfully. I’ve been trying new things, new restaurants, new foods. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

5. Staying true to my passion. Never letting it go. Nurturing it. Giving it my time and attention.

6. Letting go. Not worrying. Trusting. No anxiety. No stress. Just believing the ground will be there.

Photo by: Thomas Spiessens


Through all of this, I found a place to call “home.” I am finding myself; finding what I believe in and what I’ll fight for, what I’ll defend and alot time for. My own beginning version of “home.” You know… until I can afford furniture.


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