Pass Kindness On

So I’m sitting in my car this morning, waiting in a Starbucks drive-thru line. It’s a normal Friday morning: cold, I’m exhausted, ready to get on with my long day. I place my usual order: “Non-fat chai, please.” $3.50 – Next window.

I move one inch forward. Wait.

I check my make up in the rear-view mirror, brush my hair, laugh at the morning show I’m listening to. I wonder why a rapper is trying to be someone’s mayor.

Then it’s my turn at the window. I pull up with my card already out and prepared.

“The car in front of you paid for yours and says, ‘Happy Friday!'”

Wait. What?

“Yeah, that happens a lot at this Starbucks. People get excited about Fridays!”

I had this moment of clarity. Kindness still exists! I remembered putting out on Twitter just last week, “I want something to surprise me in a good way.” Was this my surprise? Because if so, I’m completely surprised and… thankful!

Without even thinking, I said, “Then I’ll pay for the car behind me!”

The barista smiled and said, “Gotta keep the goodness going.”

Yes. You gotta.

I hope everyone has a LOVING February. Share the joy, spread the love and not just to those who are close to you. Reach out. Surprise someone. Make their entire month!

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2 responses to “Pass Kindness On”

  1. London says:

    LOVE THIS! Pay it forward….

  2. Alyssa says:

    Aaww that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

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