Flashmob for the Arts

Bucket list: Be a member in a flashmob… CHECK!

I was honored to be a member of a flashmob supporting local music, visual arts, theater, historical and dance organizations in Richmond, Virginia. Organized by Barksdale Theatre, we had two “under cover” practices, distributed T-shirts, and then… we just let it be whatever it was to be! For something as… unpredictable as a flashmob, I can honestly say it was well organized and brought together.

I had a blast! I met interesting people who work in fields that have nothing to do with the arts! Accountants, lawyers, doctors, nurses, business professionals, teachers, car salesmen, students, everyone donated their creative energy to support organizations educating our community on the arts and history! What more could you ask for on a beautiful Saturday afternoon?

Below is a video of our flashmob for the Arts! I hope you enjoy!

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One response to “Flashmob for the Arts”

  1. Jordon Cloud says:

    Being in a flash mob is totally on my bucket list! Everyone in this video looks like they are having a blast.

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