New Year, New Students

As the new year quickly approaches, I’ve been spending a lot of time on refining my classroom rules, creating ways to provide new growth opportunities for my students, and ways to engage their minds, hearts and spirits, while teaching self-discipline and respect.

First thing I’ll do: Introduction! Hi, I’m Sheena. Your Jazz/Tap/Hip-hop/Musical Theater/Contemporary/Improvisation teacher!

Second thing I’ll do: I’ll tell them a little about my history in Arts and Education.

Third thing I’ll do: I’ll explain my expectations of my students.

Fourth thing I’ll do: I’ll explain the rules of the classroom.

Fifth thing I’ll do: I’ll tell them to have fun!

Because here’s the thing about my classes: They are about opening up to move further, no matter how hard that may be.

I create for my students a safe, comfortable place where they can try what they’ve never tried before. This allows them to reach beyond where they currently stand in life (physically, emotionally, spiritually). I assess each of my students the same way, so they feel the classroom is fair and just. I keep my students accountable for their words, work ethic and actions. I engage my students’ parents by asking them to quiz their children at the end of class. I encourage. I celebrate achievement. I do not tolerate giving up.

We come to class to be taken to the next level. And this is exactly what my students will get.

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