On the Go, Go, Go!

Sometimes, I have to remind myself that life is happening.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the commotion of details that I forget the travels to connect all of the details… is life!

This weekend I sat and watched my little brother pack to leave home for good. He is getting married to his high-school little lady. He’s loved no other heart than hers.

This weekend I watched my really good friend marry her best friend. I watched as rain fell from the skies, with lightening and thunder, and cascaded into the wedding party and all of the guests.

This weekend I watched my students rehearse for the last time before their big show. Exhausted, hungry and bruised from rehearsal.

What I realized while I sat and watched all of these things happening before me is that LIFE is what I was witnessing. I wasn’t watching my brother pack a simple suitcase, normal mid-May percipitation, or a typical rehearsal.

This are the moments that define the history we will forever tell.

My little brother is marrying the woman he’s always loved and he’s choosing to share his life with her; the suitcase was just a prop in the story.

My close friend married the man of her dreams; someone she cannot live without, and someone she will always support; the rain just made everything sparkle and made family and friends huddle closer.

My students were learning discipline, and hard work; the rehearsal will be a lesson they will carry with them always.

So while life carries on, I must remember to step back and remember that’s exactly what it is. It’s not the plans, it’s not the speed with which things travel, it’s not the stress. It’s just this thing that we’ve been given that we must remember to not overlook.

Because it can be missed.

Wedding Photo By: PhotoLadyLove

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  1. Christian says:

    Love this post Sheenz! It’s sooo true:)

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