Spring Healing

Today started my second semester of graduate school. My overly-excited self woke up two hours before I was even supposed to just because I wanted to pick out my leotard and put my hair into the perfect bun. New year, right?

I sipped coffee on my way to school, and drove in silence to collect my thoughts. Besides… only 5 hours earlier I was getting off an airplane from Vegas.

Flashback to Vegas:


I needed to collect my thoughts.


For curious minds, my Spring 2013 schedule looks like this:

Ballet Technique: Monday – Friday

Modern Technique: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Conditioning for Dancers (which focuses on dynamic movement, body alignment, strengthening created by Li Chiao-Ping): Tuesday, Thursday

Jazz Technique: Tuesday, Thursday

Children & the Family (and how this effects their learning)

Anatomy & Kinesiology: Monday, Wednesday, Friday


I am very excited about all of these classes, as well as some fun dancing opportunities that will come up throughout the semester (including the American College Dance Festival, which I cannot wait to attend!)

I am still healing from my injury of “turf toe” last semester. Today’s classes went great, and it felt wonderful to be truly dancing again! But my professor could tell I wasn’t putting full weight on it. She told me to slowly re-work my muscle memory and let go of the fear. This is something that will take time, to which she responded (and I loved this) “Give yourself time. I understand you’re scared. You’ll overcome the fear.”

That’s the thing about injuries: we, as dancers, are so terrified the injury will come back! I’m so afraid to feel the pain I was feeling again, and I’m afraid I could potentially damage it further. This holds my dancing back, which also creates more fear within me. What if this never gets better? What if I have to live with this pain?

But for now, I will put the fear aside while still listening to my body and mostly… stay positive!


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