The other night I was laying on my bed, looking out of the window, and watching a thunderstorm light up the streets with its bolts and shake the house with its booms. It reminded me of thunderstorms I’ve recently been experiencing, that have nothing to do with Spring. It is easy to lose oneself.

My 3-years post-college have taught me a great deal. I was handed so many things; well, not handed. I worked very hard for them, but my hard work ended up paying off. I landed a full-time job that challenges me, then a part-time job that I adore. I have an amazing family, beautiful friends, hard-working students, and a fantastic boyfriend. To say I’m lucky is an understatement. To say I’m thankful is, again, an understatement. These are all facts of my life that I cherish.

But one of the lessons I’ve learned, and it wasn’t a peaceful lesson but more like a smack to the face, is that with beautiful things comes responsibility and thunderstorms.

There will be difficult days… days when everything goes wrong, your brain shuts down, you drop everything, and your entire body goes numb from exhaustion.

There will be bad timing… when something you need to happen just isn’t going to happen.

There will be missed opportunities… when you should have done something but just couldn’t (for whatever the reason may be).

There will be hurt feelings… you or someone else will get frustrated and say something or do something.

There will be defeat… that moment when you cannot do anything else and your body will not allow you to force it any longer.

But the great thing is: All of the above are temporary. Thunderstorms pass. The pressure goes away.

And there will be this moment of clarity when everything you’ve brought into your life (which brought with it the responsibilities + logistics + taxes + burdens + opportunities for things to go wrong)… all of that belongs to you… you’ll be genuinely proud that you are the owner who braved through the storms and was left holding it all.

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