As human beings we go through many transitions. There’s moving, divorce, new jobs, new schools, new siblings, new friends. There are things that happen that alter your current understanding, and then there’s a shift in your world. You are left to figure out the shift.

Spring is coming, and as the world shifts around us from bitter cold to warm sunshine, I’ve found my life shifting as well.

I have very fond memories of spring as a little girl. My mother used to go shopping with me to pick out an Easter dress. I’d always pick something pretty outrageous that could double as a costume in my self-created home plays later. I’m not sure what I was going for this particular Easter (see below) but that didn’t matter; what mattered was that I was surrounded by love and support.

Pretty soon, the woman in the picture above (my mother) will be getting married and beginning a new chapter in her life. This has forced me to look at transitions lately – mostly because, I’m terrible at them. My dealing with change is about as graceful as me learning how to swallow pills when I was little. It’s unattractive, anxiety-ridden, full of procrastination and usually involves me feeling like I’m dying.

I’ve grown up enough to understand my physical reaction to coping with change. I tend to follow my mother’s rule regarding coping: “Keep smiling. Fake it until it’s real.” The first time she told me this, I thought it was a pretty depressing rule. However, having been through break ups and heartache, I now understand what she means. Eventually, it becomes real.

So I’m giving myself goals:

  1. Trust / Believe
  2. Keep breathing
  3. Be excited
  4. Pray
  5. Keep dancing
  6. Smile

Deep down, I know all of the change headed my way is going to be good for me. So I’ll keep smiling and keep surrounding myself with love and support.

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2 responses to “Transitions”

  1. Gezika says:

    “Fake it until it’s Real” I LOVE that.
    It’s basically like “If you can imagine yourself there, you can do it and be there” And it’s so true. We sometimes don’t daydream like we used to when we were younger. If we all had more dreams and daydreamed more we would all be able to do extraordinary things and achieve our goals. fake it until it’s real, right?
    It’s always good to stand back sometimes and do that and not get caught up in the rat-race.
    **A song just came on on my Pandora called “Daydream” as I was typing this last sentence! How weird is that?
    Great blog girl! 🙂

  2. Gezika says:

    Oh and the dress is AMAZING, and I would have totally picked it out when I was that age too!!!

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