Whatever You’re Facing

The little girl was twirling around and accidentally bumped into the wheelchair of an elderly lady who had just watched the little ballerina perform a holiday show at her nursing home.

“I’m sorry ma’am. I was being a wild girl,” the little girl said, a little embarrassed.

“That’s the only kind to be,” the woman said, with a quiet smile.


So many beautiful moments have been happening in my life, and I want to capture them so I never forget them.

My first semester of graduate school is completed! I cannot even believe that. It was exhausting, and I was moving full-speed ahead the entire time, but it was actually lovely. I met wonderful people who made me smile and challenged me. I accomplished what I wasn’t sure I could, in a city away from my family and friends. It was good for me. It forced me to live outside of everything I had become comfortable with.


Mostly, I can feel myself becoming a better teacher. And I love that so much. I take what I learn in class, and apply it in my dance classes at night. I can feel myself understanding the psychology and process of teaching better, and it’s helping me develop my personal philosophy and approach. This is all creating good energy in my classrooms, and I can see my students reacting through their dancing.


And when life gets hard… we take a moment to feel better.


There have been many things during this semester that tried to break me. I’m healing from a foot injury which has really messed with me physically and mentally. I also got strep throat randomly which took me down and out for a week with a fever of 102. I’ve had to say goodbye to people, and watch people I care for move on without me. All of these things made me cry at some point (even if it was just in my car on the way to get coffee between dance classes).

But there have also been fantastic things!

I choreographed for the Virginia Beach “Light Up the Town” parade! Organizing over 100 kids wasn’t the easier thing in the world to do, but they ended up doing a great job and we all had a (freezing) blast.


I attended Movement Lifestyle’s workshop in Washington, D.C. which challenged me and re-inspired my personal dancing. I’ve watched people I love get engaged, get married, announce pregnancies and career advancements! {It’s fun watching life grow on my friends and family}

I also worked with Chris Owens on an awesome photo shoot!

in the studio with sheena from Chris Owens on Vimeo.

In exciting news! I’ve re-launched what began right here! I’ve separated my “DANCE” posts into its own identity: Ballet Shoes & Bobby Pins

With the re-launch came the opportunity for me to interview New York City Ballet Principal dancer, Sara Mearns. As well as the start of a new initiative! We are selling T-shirts to help raise money for dancers in need of dance supplies (like ballet shoes, leotards, tights)!


T-shirts are $20 and they can be purchased HERE: http://balletshoesandbobbypins.com/store/

I’m so beyond thankful for dancers who have purchased T-shirts already! You guys are making dancers’ dreams come true (which is also making mine come true!)

My birthday is in 2 days, and yet I already feel like I’ve received so many wonderful presents! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. Hug your loved ones close!

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