When Your Soul is Well

How are you, lately? Strong? Flourishing? Living in integrity? Those are all lovely, empowering ideas but they’re hard to maintain on a day-by-day basis. Like flowers, we wither. Like pitchers of lemonade, we spill out.


What makes us spill doesn’t have to be negative things like rude people, rush-hour traffic or feeling stepped on. It can be the life things we adore like giving to someone, carrying emotional load, or even doing a job that we love.

A dear friend of mine and I were discussing my struggles lately [granted, my struggles seem petty up next to some of my friends’ struggles] but they’ve left me shaken. He said to me, “You should avoid fighting negative energy with negative principles.” When he said it, it struck me. After I let the thought marinate for awhile, it continued to strike me. I felt like he hit the core of why I spill.

I created a world that I adore in my work life and people who are vibrant and creative but the work is also demanding. The hours can be grueling and I forgot to set boundaries for myself. I forgot to pace myself. When we forget to re-fill (or make time for re-filling) we end up empty with no more to give. And that’s when it turns ugly. We turn snippy, impatient, whiney, irritable. We negotiate with our character. We gossip. We roll our eyes. We demean when we don’t really mean to.

I decided to take it back to grade school and practice drawing lines.


I want to live in wellness, wholeness. I want to take time to re-fill. I want to stay away from feeling the need to fight negativity with negative principles because that is not who I am nor who I want to be.

When your soul is well you make a choice not to participate in what makes it weak, vulnerable or rotten. You choose to set boundaries, approach slowly and calmly, and walk away. You close your ears, you breathe, you focus on your work and your space.

Today I challenge you: Avoid fighting negative energy with negative principles.

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