Yoga Goals

“Training your mind, body, and breath, as well as connecting with your spirituality, are the main goals of the yoga lifestyle.”

Tonight is my first night of Yoga class! I’m going to be the “new girl” in class. I don’t know the poses, nor do I know how to properly execute or pronounce them. I’ve read blog after blog about how yoga changes lives, and I’m a little overwhelmed by all of this “power” I’m reading about. What should I expect? What if I do it wrong? What if I increase my chi flow in the wrong direction? I’m not actually that good at breathing…

Rewind. Let me explain what has brought me to sign up for yoga.

Since graduating high school in 2004, I have been on the crazy train, speeding me toward what I thought would be “success.” This train derailed a few times as my definition of “success” began to change, forcing all of who I am into a new direction. It has been an exhausting journey. It’s involved completing two degrees, a minor, dancing on a dance team, working at a newspaper until 1 AM, serving as the editor for another newspaper, counseling young adults, teaching dance, taking my own dance classes, traveling, applying for jobs, getting a job, working my little booty off at my job, getting a second job, adding extra hours, getting lots of coffee and… and… the list goes on into the early mornings and nights and all across the day. I have to remind myself to eat, sleep and breathe.

I knew was over-stressed when I started waking up in the middle of the night with my heart racing. There was so much to think about: Deadlines, project timelines, was I on track? Did I remember to do this? Call them? Respond to that e-mail? Oh my GOSH, I forgot to do that, so that means I’m going to have to do this in order to fix that and, oh yeah, I need to go to the post office. 

This happened a few more times until I finally got out of bed, went downstairs and drank a glass of water.

Simple. Pure. Quiet. It calmed me down and cleared my mind. I needed to chill out.

But how do I do that and continue everything I’m doing in my life? (Because, hey, a girl’s gotta pay bills and save for my future!)

In the middle of the night, out of no where, I suddenly thought about yoga. And not just because it looks pretty nifty, but I thought about the history and the science of it. There must be something in yoga that I haven’t tapped into that everyone keeps talking about.

I’m going in with these goals:

1. Learn the history

2. Learn the science.

3. Be honest with myself.

4. Be patient with the process.

5. Be open to the ideas.

6. Be stable standing outside of my comfort zone (It’s time to adjust to a life not smothered with stress).

If anyone has any advice for me… I’d love it! I’m walking into this completely oblivious. I don’t know what I’ll find along the way; but I’m excited and eager to see what yoga holds for me personally. Not the whole world, just me…

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  1. I know it’s easier said than done, but how about emptying your mind and just go to yoga class to relax? It works, it really does.

    Thank you for your visit to the Northwoods on my SITS Day!


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